May Allah forgive your mistakes, overlook your faults and your shortcomings, and have mercy on your soul. May Allah aid you in doing good, and magnify your rewards. May Allah increase you in goodness, in this life and the next. And for your parents, and for your loved ones. May Allah calm your worries, ease your weariness, lighten your load, lift the burdens off your shoulders, fill your hands with so much blessings, fill your heart with so much faith, that you do not mind His tests. For He tests you because He loves you.

And may Allah love you. May Allah grant you ears that are keen to His reminders, eyes that are attentive to His signs, limbs dedicated to His worship, a heart that is devoted to His remembrance. A heart full of awe of His Might. Humbled by His kindness. Grateful for His favours. Trusting of His Decree. A heart filled with fear, fear of disappointing Allah, fear of displeasing Him, and fear of His consequences. A heart filled with hope, hope for the boundless mercy of Allah, His pleasure and His reward. A heart filled with love. Love for Allah, and love for who He loves. For you will be with the ones you love. So may the Most Loving love you. May His beloved love you. May you be granted Allah’s love, the love of those who He loves and those who love Him, and love for actions that will bring you closer to His love.

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