“O Allah Grant Me…”

O Allah,

Grant me good character like the character of Muhammad, gentleness like the gentleness of Ibraheem, gracious acceptance of Your decree like that of Isma’eel, beautiful patience like that of Ya’koob, kindness to my oppressors like that of Yoosuf, hope and longing in prayer like that of Zakaria.

O Allah,

Grant me the ability to make tasbeeh to You like the constant tasbeeh of Yunus, the ability to trust You like the trust of Hajar, the ability to uphold truth with steadfastness like Lut, the ability to think good of You in whatever circumstance like Ayyub.

O Allah,

Grant me perseverance as the perseverance of Nooh, sincerity as the sincerity of Moosa, companionship as the companionship of Haroon, truthfulness as the truthfulness of Eesaa, gratitude as the gratitude of Muhammad, fairness as the fairness of Sulaiman, and strength as the strength of Aasiah.

O Allah,

Grant me an elevated status like that of Idrees. Grant me of Your favors like how You favored Dawood, Your provisions like how You provided for Maryam, Your forgiveness like how You forgave Adam, Your friendship like how You befriended Ibraheem, Your love, Your nearness and Your pleasure just as You are pleased with Your prophets (may peace be upon them all) and Your chosen slaves.


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